Alice In Wonderland Blythe Style Doll Dark Alice Original Undead Legend White Rabbit Lewis Carroll Fairytale Biohazard Baby


This doll has been assembled from off brand Blythe style doll parts. Purchased at my local thrift shop in a box bundle of craft bits. Her custom eye chips are permanently locked in a subtle side stare. Wearing a custom outfit in layers. A one piece undergarment, a blouse with lace collar and sleeves peek out from under a eyelet lace style tunic, and a classic apron on top of it all. She is permanently sewn into her outfit. Alice is holding the freshly decapitated and gagged White Rabbit. Maybe she was tired of hearing him complain. Maybe she just went mad. But we know for sure, White Rabbit is absolutely late and will not be making it to that very important date. Approximately 12 inches in height from the base of her plastic doll stand to the top of her rooted and glued, dark black doll wig. Professionally painted with Liquitex pro acrylics, Derwent Inktense oil pastels, and sealed with Luminaire air dry flat varnish. This doll is top heavy and displays best upright with her accompanying doll stand or in a sitting position. Alice and decapitated White Rabbit were not created or meant for children.

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