Reserved J. M. Only*****Anastysia Original Animatronic Undead Crying Reborn Breathing Finger Sucking Zombie Blinking Biohazard Baby

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Anastysia, is a former thrift store, soft body, animatronic baby doll. Redeemed and ready to enjoy her second undead life with you. Flip the switch on the dolls back and she will continue to be motionless. Place the custom digit delicacy next to her lips and watch her move. Her belly rises and falls when you allow her to lie on her back with her bottle tipped finger remaining between her undead lips. Remove and watch her cry until it is returned. Her eyes open and close with an eerie slow movement. Please click YouTube link below to view her undead beauty for yourself. Professionally painted with Luminaire air dry paints. Allowing her plastic skin to maintain movement and a more lifelike texture. She is sealed in a satin varnish. Her custom plastic finger food has a faux pink diamond ring permanently attached, with a magnetic bottle tip at the end. Anastysia is approximately 14 inches in length from top of her head to bottom of her feet. Permanently dressed in a vintage baby gown with a purposefully placed tears and fading to add to her overall dead appearance. She is approximately 24 inches in length from top of head to bottom of gown. She requires, and will arrive with 3 new AA batteries. Anastysia was not created or meant for children.<br />
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