Paola Anne Guish With Carrot Gag Plush Bunny Original Undead Adult Sadomasochistic Biohazard Baby

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Paola Anne Guish with plush bunny are both former thrift store dolls. She was purchased as a plastic, Cititoy brand doll head, sans body and eyes. The bunny was in a damaged state in the area of the face. Although that might be a deterrent for some shoppers, I saw only beauty. Paola was given porcelain hands and a soft cloth body. Her head was professionally repainted with Liquitex pro acrylics and Luminaire air dry paints. Her eyes are custom epoxy and Liquitex paints on a white plastic eye base. With a stylish doll wig in very black she is dominating in style and personality. Dressed in a custom doll tunic and matching bloomer bottoms to highlight her innocence, if even only in attire. The plush bunny has been redeemed around his former damage. A plastic miniature carrot was altered to become an adult style ball gag. She is evil pretty or pretty evil and absolutely ready to strike you with her sadomasochistic glamour. Approximately 16 inches in length and weighted with plastic beads to help her sit on her own. Paola Anne Guish with her carrot gag plush bunny were not created or meant for children.

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