No Suhn Akuma Original Undead Japanese Vampire Just Fed Fang Exposed Kimono Dressed Biohazard Baby

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No Suhn Akuma, is a former second quality, Bountiful Baby brand vinyl kit. Redeemed and ready to bring the glamour of Japanese kimonos, and the vampires kiss into your home. All of her second quality issues were worked around, including her rather bumpy shaped head. This was hidden with a full baby wig, attached with glue, partial rooting, and a skull nylon buffer to help with the adhesive. Custom porcelain fangs were created and permanently implanted. Her infant kimono is professionally sewn using traditional print style fabric of satin appearance. A linen crepe style fabric was used as a liner and to create two traditional arm covers and a skirt. Wearing a bright tank style onesie to protect her soft fabric body. No Suhn Akuma is professionally painted with Luminaire air dry paints, Derwent Inktense oil pastels and sealed with a flat varnish. Her fangs were given a triple gloss varnish. A plasma dripped pucker was created with layers of Aleenes gem tac, and Liquitex pro acrylics and sealed with a high shine varnish. Approximately 19 inches in length and on the heavy side. Filled with Monkey Fluff Brand stuffing and a base of plastic pellets for weighting. Her arms and legs are adjustable and held to the body with plastic zip ties. Her head is permanently positioned and also attached with a plastic zip tie. No Suhn Akuma was not created or meant for children.

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