Cav Ocelot Original Undead Aztec Jaguar Knight Sleeping Warrior With Weapon Zombie Biohazard Baby


Cav Ocelot, is a former donated, Anne Geddes doll. Major stains of faded ink were on the face, likely why this doll was donated. Redeemed with a new layer of doll skin, created using Luminaire air dry paints. Liquitex pro acrylics were used to create the Aztec warrior face paint. Traditional face piercings were created using blue colored tones of copper wires. Approximately 16 inches in length from bottom of his feet to top of his head. About 20 inches in length from bottom of feet to tip of feathers, he displays best in a sleeping position. With his tail left to dangle, he is free to dream of ritual human sacrifice, and slaughtering the weak. Dressed in animal print warrior pajamas. Cav Ocelot, has a removable, custom designed baby hat, with implanted fangs and feathers. Permanently grasping his custom baby battle "Macuahuitl" weapon, created with wood and foam. Cav Ocelot was not created or meant for children.

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