Everything Is Better With Zombies

BiohazardBabies are created with infectious love. All Biohazard Babies are purchased from thrift stores. The more damaged and unwanted the better. I favor dolls previously owned by future graffiti artists, novice cosmetologists, and amateur butchers.

Biohazard Babies have sold to prop departments for the CW and FX Networks, Ghost House, and LionsGate Films. I am always willing to sign artist release forms to see one of my Biohazard Babies on screen or in print.

I redeem the unwanted. I am my brand. Every care is spent to give these dolls an artistic, gory, individual sense of being. Because my dolls and accessories are from thrift stores I can only create one of a kind dolls. Spread the infection. Together, we can prove the state of being unwanted is only temporary.

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